Monday, May 14, 2012

Comprehensive list of purine containing foods

I've compiled the best list of purine containing foods that I could find to give a reference for others suffering with gout. Below you will find a list of common foods and the levels of their purines. If you are looking to restrict your intake of purines, this will be invaluable. I would suggest taking all animal sources over 125 or so and cut them out straight away. Others will counsel going much lower and you may indeed need to do that, but at the same time, it is very difficult to cut out all meat from your diet and you may find that you don't even need to. But all meat is not equal when it comes to purines. For example, sardines have have 399mg per 100g, but a steak (sirloin) sits at 110. In fact, fish seems to top the list of meats with the exception of organ meat. It might be worthwhile to cut that out for a time. 1 month should be sufficient to let your body catch up with your intake and let you know if you have lowered your purine intake enough.

Foods Containing Purines

Ultimate Food Purine Content list
Food mg/100g
Yeast, Brewers 1810
Yeast, Bakers 680
Beef liver 460
Anchovies 411
Sardines 399
Herring 378
Sardines 345
Anchovies 321
Fish, Trout 297
Fish, Tuna in oil 290
Pork liver 289
Liver 286.4
Fish, Tuna 257
Salmon 250
Mackerel 246
Chicken liver 243
Chicken liver 243
liver, boiled 237
liver, broiled 236.1
Liver, chicken 236.1
Shrimp 234
Kidney 230.8
Blackeye peas 230
Chicken heart 223
Lentils 222
Beef kidney 213
Great northern bean 213
Liver, raw 202.2
Small white bean 202
Beef liver 197
Split peas 195
Mackerel 194
Lamb (muscle meat) 182
Fish, Halibut 178
Chicken breast (with skin) 175
Beef heart 171
Lamb heart 171
Pinto bean 171
Fish, Salmon 170
Pork (muscle meat) 166
Beef brain 162
Red bean 162
Turkey (with skin) 150
Large lima bean 149
Lamb liver 147
Shrimp (brown) 147
Baby lima bean 144
Tuna 142
Clams 136
Scallop 136
Squid 135
Ground beef (muscle meat) 133
Drumstick, chicken 132.3
Ham (cooked) 131
Poultry 130.7
Breast, chicken 130.7
Gizzard, chicken 130.5
lamb, roasted, chop 127.5
Lentil, seed 127
Thigh, chicken 126.5
Steak, broiled 121
Beef, chuck 120
Pork, roasted, chop 119
Haddock, broiled 118.7
Lobster 118
Fish, white, fresh 115.9
Mussel 112
Peas, chick (garbanzo) 110
Beef, sirloin 110
Fish, cod 109
Steak, boiled 107.8
Oysters 107
Steak, raw 105.9
Skin, chicken 104.6
Haddock, raw 101.7
Haddock, boiled 94.7
Oats, whole grain 94
Oyster 90
Frankfurter 89
Salmon 88
Pea, green 84
Brocolli 81
Peanuts 79
Cranberry bean 75
Clams 62
Crawfish 60
Mushroom 58
Banana 57
Garbanza bean 56
Corn 52
Mushroom, fresh 46.9
Asparagus 23
Potato 16
Bread, crusted 15.7
Bread, white 12.2
Wheat flour 11.5
Cottage cheese 8
Plain yogurt 7
Rice, cooked 5.9
Note: there are several instances of the term "liver" and different levels of purines given by these sources. Perhaps this is due to testing only a single source? I don't have an answer on that. However, I can state that with as high as liver shows on the list it is a food that should be cut out anyways.

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