Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gout Joke

A gout joke

Sam Weinstein and Patrick Simpson are sharing a hospital room because they both have gout in one of their legs. Gout is a very painful condition, so when the doctor walks in and begins to examine Patrick (who isn’t Jewish), he begins to scream and cry in pain as the doctor handles his leg.

Then the doctor goes over to the Jewish patient, Sam, and begins to examine his leg, but Sam doesn’t make a sound.

When the doctor finishes the examination and leaves, Patrick says to Sam, “You are the strongest, most stoic person I have ever met. To be in that much pain and not cry out is truly the greatest demonstration of the silent acceptance of suffering that I have ever witnessed.”

Sam smiles and says, “Actually, I can’t stand pain at all — that’s why I gave the doctor my good leg to look at.”

Yeah, a gout flare up isn't really a laughing matter, but its good to laugh, even when having a gout attack.

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